The Butcher of Thoughts

The Butcher of Thoughts

A Conversation Between Earth and Heaven

Phoenix Oswald


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All those who crave to live are welcome to dive deep and indulge their desire to pick up the gems out of the sea of life. And those who want to sleep are welcome to reminisce once they wake up because everyone has to come one day. Everyone has to realize himself and look into the mirror, not at the mirror. This book is a lighthouse for all those whose sails have been doomed by the gale of kismet. It is in the middle of the way, showing the track to the final destination. If you know the right direction, it will come into your path. If you are lost, you have to find it. Either way, it will become part of your voyage. It’s all about you and him who is waiting for you. You can’t miss it; he won’t let you. An eye can see everything, but to see itself, it needs a mirror. This book is that mirror. The meeting is inevitable; either you will find this book or this book will find you. The only question is, when.”

His doors seem to be closed, but they aren’t; neither is his heart. It’s our vision that can’t see the other side. Since our knowledge blindfolds us, he seems to be invisible. The doors need a push of love and devotion. He wants it this way because he wants to enlighten our souls with love and devotion. He wants us to knock once and ask for him. Isn’t that what every beloved wants? He is not sitting and enjoying himself inside; he is making preparations to welcome us. We just need to knock once.

When I entered, I found him much more desperate than I was. Now it’s your turn. He is waiting for your knock.


Phoenix Oswald:
Phoenix is an author of mysteries. He is best known for his motivational speeches and spiritual knowledge. Because of his deep understanding of philosophy and the inner self, he is always surrounded by seekers. He has the capability to convert the most difficult concepts into such simple words that anyone can understand. At the same time, he moves the simplest moments of life into such deep folds of learning that no one could have observed before. He is the companion of wisdom. While talking to him, it seems like he is not of this world. His explanations are so simple yet so profound that they mesmerize the audience. You can connect with him on Facebook at